Through the Admissions Office (Office number 324, tel. 22 469222). Through the Outpatients Department/Emergency Ward (22469000) for urgent admissions, as well as during night hours (after 21.00). In order to effect a scheduled admission, your doctor or yourself, should communicate with the Admissions Office and give:   


1. your name and surname


2. the class of accommodation you require (2-beds room, single room, suite)


3. your telephone number


On admission make sure that you have with you the following:


1. Civil Identity Card


2. Treatment Card or any other insurance documentation that your insurance company provides for


3. A form of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Treatment Fund that you are covered by


4. A Doctor’s referral




On reaching the Apollonio proceed to the Admissions Office on the first floor. There, you will be asked to state your personal data as well as information about your insurance coverage. The staff of the Admission and Patients Services Section will assist you with filling in all necessary forms.




On the day of operation you should present yourself at the Hospital at least one hour, or even more, before the due time, at the Admissions Office (Office number 324, tel. 22469222). There, you will be asked to fill in a form with your personal data and you will be allocated your treatment room.


Following that you will be taken to your treatment ward where the ward nurses will carry out their preoperational check. You should be ready and patient to answer the same questions probably many times.


Despite our efforts to adhere punctually to the operating theatre schedule, it is possible that there may be a delay; because of this you should be patient. If a delay is expected for the operation, your doctor may give instructions for administering to you intravenous fluids, or any other instructions, depending on the case of the particular patient.


Before the operation you will be asked to put on a simple gown. If you have dentures, contact lenses or jewellery, you should remove them. Also, the ladies that have polished nails should have them cleaned before the operation.


You will be taken to the operating theatre either in your bed or on a wheel chair. The nurse will lead you to the operating area.




If you are taking tablets on a systematic basis (antiarrhythmic, antihypertensive, cardiological or others) you should inform your doctor, and if considered necessary, he will give you instructions as for what tablets you should take with a little water before the operation.

If you are taking aspirin, anticoagulants or any similar drugs you should inform your doctor (if you already have not done so).




If you smoke you should stop, at least prior to the operation, in order to reduce the risks of respiratory infections.

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May the lord bless you and take care of you. May the lord be kind and gracious to you.  May the lord look on you with favour and give you peace. Thank you, Christos Michaelides

To my doctor, the nurses and support staff at the Apollonion Hospital. Thank you for taking care of me through my operation, AGAIN!!! Ifigeneia Patsali