Payment of bill by patient


If the treatment expenses at the Apollonion Private Hospital will be covered by the patient, then he/she will be asked on admission to pay part of the treatment expenses in advance. If the total of the treatment expenses is smaller than the prepaid amount on admission, then the difference will be reimbursed to the patient at his/her release. If the amount for the treatment is greater than the amount prepaid on admission then the patient will be asked to pay the remaining sum on release.




Medical Insurance


All medical insurance policies are accepted at the Apollonion Private Hospital. Before admission, the patient must hand in documentation of the insurance company at the Admissions Office situated at the ground floor, so that the coverage of the medical expenses by the insurance company can be confirmed. The patient should also be aware that the medical insurance coverage is a contract between the patient and the insurance company and that the responsibility for the settlement of the medical expenses remains with the patient.



Medical and Pharmaceutical Treatment Funds (EAC. CYTA)


The Apollonion Private Hospital accepts all the Medical and Pharmaceutical Funds. On admission, the patient is responsible to hand in to the Admissions Office the document of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Fund that he/she is covered by, and to pay the amount not covered by the Fund for his/her treatment.  


Undertaking of responsibility by a third party


If the expenses for the medical treatment of the patient will be paid by an embassy, a business or any other patron, the patient must produce documentation proving that the financial responsibility is borne by the patron. Finally the patient must be aware that the responsibility for the settlement of the medical expenses is his/hers.



Mode of Payment


Payment can be effected either in cash, by personal cheque or credit card.



Undertaking of financial responsibility


The Apollonion Private Hospital requires that additionally a relative, or any other person, signs an undertaking for the responsibility of paying the medical expenses.  


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