The Hospital environment is significantly different from that of your home. For your own safety we bring to your attention these differences. Remember that hospital beds are narrower and higher than home beds; you should exercise caution when turning, getting up or lying into bed.


Remember that most pieces of furniture in your room are equipped with rollers; because of this, you should not lean on them.


Do not move the bed rails or any other restricting means, without contacting your nurse. They have been installed exclusively for your safety and you should not remove them, as there is a risk of injury.


Use the nurse calling bell every time you are in need of assistance.


If a patient next to you asks for help, call the staff by your bell.


Wear anti-slip shoes or slippers when getting up from bed.


You are not allowed to move away from the Department in which you are treated except only for reasons of treatment. Always inform the nurses’ office.


No electric blankets are allowed.


Report immediately any malfunction of any equipment or machinery.


The emergency exits are clearly marked. In case of emergency, follow the instructions by the staff and remain calm. Every treatment section is equipped with fire safety and fire protection systems.


Do not use the elevator in case of fire or earthquake.




All the rooms have their own bathroom. In the double rooms the bathroom is common for the patients of the room.


Every room is equipped with a lighting control system.


Internet. It is available on the patient’s request.


The bell for calling the nurse is fitted on your bed console and always next to you for use.


There is a television set in all the rooms. We request that the volume of the television does not inconvenience the patient next to you.



Beloved persons play an important role in the therapeutic process and the speedy recovery. For this reason we encourage the family and friends to come visiting. Of course, particular attention is needed regarding the number of visitors (no more than one visitor per patient should be present simultaneously).


Visiting Schedule

Treatment Floors       10.00 – 12.00 & 16.00 – 21.00 

Intensive Care Unit    11.00 – 12.00 & 16.30 – 17.30


There are instances during which visits are not allowed or should be limited, such as the visit by a doctor, the medical and treatment procedures or even for the patients’ rest when considered by the medical and nursing personnel.


For the benefit of the patients, please ask your relatives not to visit you in case they have a cold or any other contagious disease.



Proper and hygienic nutrition is a basic part of the patient’s treatment and it is necessary for his/her speedy recovery after an operation or after an illness.


Our aim is to promote hygienic nutrition and ensure that all patients receive a nutritionally balanced diet during their stay at the Apollonio Hospital.



Meals Schedule


Breakfast 07:30-08:30
Lunch 12:00-13:00
Dinner 18:00-19:00


During the whole day from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. a member of the staff offers various beverages to the patients.

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To my doctor, the nurses and support staff at the Apollonion Hospital. Thank you for taking care of me through my operation, AGAIN!!! Ifigeneia Patsali

May the lord bless you and take care of you. May the lord be kind and gracious to you.  May the lord look on you with favour and give you peace. Thank you, Christos Michaelides