Endovenous Laser Therapy for treatment of Varicose Veins (EVLA)

    Author: Dr Constantinos Kouyiallis

02/02/16 Endovenous Laser Therapy for treatment of Varicose Veins (EVLA)


Varicose veins are permanently dilated superficial veins of the lower limbs. They affect 40% of the female population and approximately 30% of males. Apart from being unsightly, these veins cause annoying symptoms which interfere with the patients daily activities. Furthermore, patients with varicose veins have an increased risk of thrombosis.
Treatment of Varicose veins has been revolutionized the past decade with the implementation of surgical laser ablation techniques. This modality of therapy has made classic surgical excision obsolete. Nowadays, EVLA is considered to be the golden standard for therapy of varicose veins.
EVLA should be performed by a qualified Vascular Surgeon certified for use of endovenous laser. The procedure is performed, under local anesthesia, in the operating theatre and is often accompanied with mini phlebectomies for removal of superficial varicose vein side branches. Any phlebectomies required are performed through very small incisions (1mm).The postoperative cosmetic result is excellent. The whole procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance ensuring that the patient leaves the operating theatre with no detectable varicose veins.
Benefits of EVLA procedure in comparison to classic surgical excision:
• Completely painless (during and after the procedure).
• Performed under local anesthesia (patient is fully awake throughout).
• Takes only 30min (In cases where only ablation is needed).
• Immediate mobilization after the procedure.
• Back to work within 2-3 days.
• Excellent cosmetic result with only barely visible marks if phlebectomies are performed. No incisions, no sutures.
• Very low recurrence rates (1-2% in 10-15 years compared to 5-7% in 5-10years  in classic surgical excision).
• Very low rate of complications (<1%)
• Can be performed in patients with Thrombophilia or previous thrombosis.
• Excellent for patients with recurrence from previous classic surgery.
• Lower cost compared to open surgery.
• Covered by health insurances and medical funds in Cyprus.
• Very high patient satisfaction.
EVLA requires the use of quality ultrasound imaging and new generation laser equipment and a high level of skill from the part of the performing vascular surgeon to achieve an excellent postoperative result.


Vascular Surgeon team

Dr Lakis Hadjimichael
Dr Constantinos Kouyialis

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