The Intensive Care Unit was created in order to treat critically ill patients who need specific hospitalization and intensive care, with state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained and educated medical and nursing staff.

In the I.C.U. of Apollonion Private Hospital all the Obstetric, gynecological, cardiological, pulmonary, trauma, vascular, neurosurgical and general surgery incidents are covered, with full support of vital organs using 24-hour monitoring, and 24-hour medical coverage.

Postoperative monitoring of critically ill patients is carried out both in I.C.U. and High Dependency Unit (H.D.U.), depending on the severity of the incident, always with 24-hour monitoring and 24-hour medical coverage.

The I.C.U. is staffed with specially trained physicians in the treatment and hospitalization of critically ill patients and equipped with the most modern medical and technological equipment (devices of hemodiafiltration, plasmapheresis, drug intoxication support, bronchoscopes for the study and biopsies of the tracheobronchial tree, spirometry for the study and monitoring of respiratory function, etc.).

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May the lord bless you and take care of you. May the lord be kind and gracious to you.  May the lord look on you with favour and give you peace. Thank you, Christos Michaelides

To my doctor, the nurses and support staff at the Apollonion Hospital. Thank you for taking care of me through my operation, AGAIN!!! Ifigeneia Patsali