Dust in the atmosphere and health advice


08/09/15 Dust in the atmosphere and health advice

Dust in the atmosphere and health advice


Dust causes immediate health problems, since it has been observed that when dust concentration is high, there is an increase in hospital visits mainly from patients with respiratory and heart problems.
According to the Department of Labour Inspection, the average hourly concentration of dust particles in the Nicosia district on Monday was more than ten times the normal level (547 μg/m³ whereas the maximum acceptable concentration is 50 μg/m³).
Due to the small size of particles that could be inhaled and the possible negative effect on human health, the public and particularly vulnerable groups (children, elderly and patients) are advised to avoid open spaces until the phenomenon clears away.


Safety precautions


When the dust particle concentration exceed the safety limit, people with respiratory problems, heart patients, children and people over 65 should avoid all physical exercise - outdoor activities.
Also, it is advisable to avoid going outdoors especially in areas with increased traffic.
People with asthma may need more frequent reliever medication. If symptoms persist it is recommended to contact your doctor.
People who work outdoor should use the appropriate personal protective equipment.

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